Rules for Travel when traveling as a club

From the time players arrive at the hotel (or step onto an airplane) in the city in which we are playing until they leave the last playing site, they are represent PCVBA.  Because of this, the club takes each of the following items seriously.

  1. Players are expected to wear approved club clothing while traveling.
  2. Players must have approval from a parent or chaperone before leaving the hotel.
  3. Players and coaches are expected to be on time every time to all team functions.
  4. Players are in the custodianship of an adult and is required to be under their direction.
  5. Anyone using alcohol/drugs will be not be allowed to continue at the tournament.
  6. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times in gyms, hotels/dorms, airports, restaurants, etc.
  7. No player is allowed to be in a coach’s room.
  8. Boys are not allowed to be with players at any time (except to watch at the gym).
  9. Curfew is established on a team-by-team basis by each head coach and must be obeyed by all athletes.