Chaperone Duties

General requirements regarding the chaperone:

  • There must be one chaperone per team traveling on each overnight trip.
  • Chaperones must be a female parent of one of the players within the club.
  • Chaperone must be willing to perform the duties as outlined below.
  • Chaperone Expenses Covered By PCVBA:
    • Hotel ( If using club provided chaperone room )
    • Trip related expenses ( If using PCVBA arranged vehicle )
      • Gas
      • Parking
  • Chaperone expenses NOT covered by PCVBA
    • Parking/moving violations (if using PCVBA arranged vehicle)
    • Food
    • Miscellaneous personal expenses

Duties of the chaperone

  • Coordinate travel to make sure all athletes have rides if no airline is involved.
  • Assists the coaches with the check in and check out of the team at hotels and airports.
  • Ensures that players are in rooms at the time prescribed by the coach.
  • Monitors player rooms after curfew to ensure players get the rest they need.
  • Wakes the team & sends them to breakfast at time determined by the coach.
  • Coordinates team meals as follows:
    • Collects money for food from players if agreed upon before trip
    • Purchases groceries
    • Prepares meals (if needed)
    • Makes reservations for team meals at restaurants throughout the day. This includes collecting money from players if agreed upon, purchasing groceries with said monies and preparing if needed and assisting in making reservations at desired eating establishments (when the whole team is involved).
  • Coordinates the washing of uniforms (if needed)
  • Transports injured players to receive medical attention if necessary.
  • Monitors player behavior outside of the playing arena and implements disciplinary action if needed. In all cases, questionable player behavior must be reported to the coaches before disciplinary action is taken.
  • Keeps and submits receipts for all trip related expenses to the club.
  • Other duties as needed and/or assigned by the club or coach.