2020 Team Information

Team Information

Our program is designed to prepare our athletes to advance to the next level both mentally and technically.

Our programs instill and continue concepts of: autonomy, mental requirements for the next level, technical and tactical demands of a more advanced game. It is important that each team member have an open and willing mind to learn new things and be challenged. Training can be held at Greenriver Community College, Auburn High School, Kent-Meridian, Rainer Middle School and Kentridge High School.

Time Commitment:
U12 and U13 teams practice twice a week Monday/Wednesday
U14-U15-U16-U17 have volleyball practice twice a week and performance conditioning once a week.

Season Length:
November/December -April/May-start and end times are determined by tryout dates and last tournament date.

Financial Commitment:

The season begins in November and ends with Regional’s at the end of April.

U12 & U13-$1800 Tuition includes the uniform package, coach fees and registrations, facility fees, insurance, tournament, regional fees, administrative and business costs associated with the club.  They will compete in Power League, 2 in-region tournaments and Regional’s at the end of the season. The team may opt for more tournaments and the cost of the tournaments are shared among the athletes.  After initial fees payments are made in installments over 5 months.

 “Development Team” Playing Time
Our club teams are created to develop the young player.  This may be their first time playing volleyball.  Learning basic skills while enjoying the sport is emphasized.  Playing time and position are balanced between each player’s need to learn a skill or position and that player’s ability to contribute to winning.  This allows for every player to play part of the every tournament, although play time is not equally distributed.  Competition provides the context for players to learn and develop.  Players who show a poor attendance recorded should only expect to play in positions with an amount of playing time that benefits the team, not the individual.


U14-U15-U16-U17 $2400-  Tuition includes Uniform package, Official Leather Volleyball, Spokane National Qualifier, NW Juniors Presidents Day Weekend,  NW Juniors MLK weekend tournament, Regional’s and local tournaments as available.  Other costs included are coach fees and registrations, facility fees, insurance, tournament, regional fees, and administrative and business costs associated with the club. After initial fees payments are made in installments over 5 months.  Travel Expenses, air and and food are extra for all travel tournaments.

*Performance-Based ” Playing Time
These teams are nationally competitive and operate according to the rules of performance-based playing time.  The “Performanced-Based” coaching guideline requires that players be fully committed to attending all practices and tournaments while adhering to all team and club rules. The athletes’ performance and attitude on and off the court will determine their play time in tournaments.  The evaluation of player performance for the determination of playtime, as well as team strategy decisions, is entirely up to the discretion of the coaching staff. These guidelines are used to keep teams nationally competitive and to achieve team goals.  Coaches will provide a fair and impartial environment for each player to earn playing time.  Coaches will not discuss playing time as it relates to other players, and will not discuss strategy and techniques with any parent or player.

Uniforms are included in tuition

They include:  Warm Ups, 2 jerseys, 1 practice shirt, backpack, socks, whistle and lanyard.

Once the athlete commits to our club you will go back to the region’s website to finish the regional registration process, declare our club and pay the rest of USAV registration fee.  Here