How it Works

Because of the terrible devastation in Puerto Rico with Hurricane Maria we will raise money with our serve-a-thon to help this country rebuild.  We still feel very strongly about our relationship with PICC and will return to them next year.  In the meanwhile please keep all our smallest infants needing help in our state with PICC in your hearts.

Our Serve-a-thon raises money for the Pediatric Interim Care Center (PICC) in Kent, WA.  PICC is the only 24-hour care center serving drug-exposed infants throughout Washington.  Our club has done this twice in the past and would like to make it an annual event.  It gives our athletes an opportunity to serve and give something of value to the community.  Something that PCVBA strongly believes in. For more information you can go to their site at 

The serve-a-thon will take place at the beginning of your practice on either Jan. 9th or 10th in your gym.

Pledge forms are due on Jan. 9th or 10th
Pledge monies are due on January 23rd or 24th  (your practice day)

Each player will serve 100 balls trying to get them all over the net.  For each ball served over the net, the sponsor agrees to pay an amount.  The player will then contact their sponsors with their total # of good serves and collect the amount sponsored. The top three earners will be allowed to deliver the check to PICC.  In the past they have brought babies to the viewing rooms for you to see them.

Start getting pledges today!!!

Pledge Form